Cause poster

Challenge:  Create a poster based on a cause you care about using only type.

Solution: BE A BITCH - stand up to work place bullies. I chose a bold typeface in heavy font to evoke strength. The bright pink was chosen for it's power and femininity.  

Assignment #4_Typography_CausePoster 12.

Concert Poster

Challenge: Create a promotional poster by choosing a city and a music genre at random

Solution: An illustration of a female character as the focal point of the composition, anchored by the dragon and cityscape leading towards the concert details.  

Associate marketing materials include brand logo, web banner ads and wrist band. 

Project #2 - Branding Identity - Final -
Logo for printing.jpg

Concert Logo 


Concert Wristband Design


Concert Web-banner Ad 


Concert Web-banner Ad 

Comic Strip Book Cover

Challenge: Create a comic strip book cover by choosing an adjective (bougie) and comic strip super hero. 

Solution: An illustration of Bruce Wayne and 'Bougie Man' against a pop art background.  

CGCM130_Visser_Niwah_Proj3_BookCover - W