Special K - Launch and print ads

Traditionally, Special K’s advertising highlights its benefits and how it will help the target market (middle-aged women who are shape-conscious and interested in managing weight) to achieve their goals. For this campaign, the brand positioning is broadened to support and elevate the target market’s goals of high achievements – be it weight loss or any other goal which will help them get to the next level. 

The premise of the idea is we can only achieve high levels of performance if we have someone who is with us, for us & behind us supplying us with new information and belief in our abilities to reach our goals whether we’re working to perfect our bodies, minds or souls. Essentially, our successes are achieved with the help of the other.

The idea reflects the brand’s purpose of ‘Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive’.

The creative of an image of holding hands denotes trust, being there for the other person, helping you move forward. The tone of the images is much softer and gentler in keeping with the experience of the brand taste (crispy, light flakes which don’t get mushy in milk or the great tasting Nourish popped quinoa or SP K vanilla flakes) and  aesthetic (whiter box with calmer colours) and the brand copy - 'Nourish' & 'Simply Good'. 

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